Fast and Economical Ways to Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly

One of the key areas used by everybody in the house is the toilet while you have visitors visiting. As most bathrooms are used by homeowners on a regular basis, they are typically decorated and arranged to suit the lifestyle of the homeowner. However, you might want to look at having your bathroom more guest-friendly for a better experience of welcoming friends and relatives at your home while entertaining visitors.

When utilizing a competent bathroom remodeling firm, such as 1 Day Bath Arizona, a guest-friendly bathroom is simple to achieve. At 1 Day Bath Arizona, the professionally qualified team will help you design and remodel your bathroom to make it more affordable, elegant, and comfortable for you, your guests, and everyone you invite home. Let’s glance at a variety of projects that you can do to render your bathroom more guest-friendly.

Arizona Tub-to-Shower Conversion

One way to render the bathroom more guest-friendly and usable is to transform the bathtub into a shower if your bathroom is currently built with a bathtub. The chance of trying to climb across a bath ledge while offering your bathroom an elegant new look can be taken away with a tub-to-shower conversion.

For visitors staying overnight in your house, showers make things much simpler to easily bathe and would not ask someone of reduced mobility to lean over or sit down. Tub-to-shower conversion will even add space to a tiny bathroom, which, when it comes to renovating your house, is definitely a bonus.

Bath or Shower Replacement for Phoenix

A basic shower or tub replacement could be the best path for you if your old shower or tub is difficult and difficult to clean. Remodels are not only just introducing a layout of modern fixtures. In order to upgrade the appearance and efficiency of aging bathrooms, only adding in a new tub will often make a lot of difference. Tubs and showers will discolor with time, get contaminated with the accumulation of hard water, and look broken. It will significantly boost your bathroom space and maximize the value of your whole house by making them replaced with improved, low-maintenance products that are made to last.

Add Accessibility with a Walk-In Shower

Although Phoenix walk-in showers allow bathing more available for those with reduced mobility, for people with wheelchairs they are not always suitable. If you need to make your wheelchair shower available to family members or visiting friends, upgrading your bathroom to a roll-in shower is one move you should do.

Many walk-in showers have a ledge to hold water inside the tub, although there are barrier-free roll-in showers. This encourages people in wheelchairs without any special help to comfortably enter the bathroom. By installing additional protection bars and lower fixtures, you will configure these showers to suit your visitors’ specifications.

Safety with an Upgrade to a Walk-in Bath

Consider the comfort and luxury of a luxurious walk-in bathtub whether your visitors are older, disabled, or you’re merely worried about liability when guests enter your house. It would be a comforting amenity for each of your visitors to have the conversion of a conventional bathtub into a walk-in bath that can include the privacy and protection that everyone wants to have an individual relaxing experience.

Instead of trying to climb across a counter, a walk-in bath has a sealing door that helps you to walk into the shower. For people with reduced mobility, walk-in tubs are a perfect option to provide a better soaking environment while maintaining a completely functional bathtub. These tubs are available in a range of styles to meet your personal needs and type of bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling In Phoenix

In the home remodeling business, 1 Day Bath Arizona has been a pioneer for years. Our contribution to delivering inexpensive and high-quality bathroom remodeling solutions is why we are one of Phoenix’s best-rated businesses.

We would love to hear from you if you’d like to talk more about designing a great bathroom with us. Contact our bathroom remodeling business today by sending us a phone call or by filling out our online questionnaire for a free estimate of rates in your home now.


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