Consider these 5 tips when building or renovating your Home in Phoenix

Renovating a Phoenix home isn't like building in the rest of the country. Not only do you have to deal with moisture (hello, mold), but there are also hurricanes, termites, frequent rainstorms and beating sun (that lead to dry-rot). It's no wonder the construction sector here is so heavily regulated.
So what do you need to know for proper navigation of the ins and outs of a Phoenix renovation?

Read on for five crucial tips.

Hint 1. To protect the wood from termites, use Timbor, a non-toxic salt treatment. Timbor is an insecticide that is used to treat wood and wood products to prevent termites, powder post beetles and fungus from decaying wood. It is applied to wood surfaces inside and outside to protect the wood from water and insect damage. It won't stain wood surfaces and poses little to no threat, since it has low toxicity and is almost odorless. However, it must be applied when the wood is exposed, so what better time to do it than during a refurbishment or new construction?

Hint 2. Check to see if your home is in a flood zone before starting your project โ€“ according to FEMA, the amount of improvements can not exceed 50 percent of the structure 's value or you may need to raise it above the floodplain. Further information can be found in our blog post "How to Renovate Your Phoenix Home If You Are In A Floodplain."

Hint 3. Only buy materials that have a Phoenix product approval number for the home's exterior, so they will withstand a hurricane. Phoenix product approval numbers for windows , doors, siding and roofing have been tested with low-missile impact procedures to ensure they are energy efficient and can withstand Phoenix heat.

Hint 4. Don't forget to consider energy efficiency during the design process โ€“ include proper insulation, HVAC refrigeration equipment, and other amenities such as mini splits or air ducts that fit your home design. See "New Air Conditioning Solution for Historic Homes" and this blog about building a new energy efficient home, "The Awesome Benefits of Building a New Energy Efficient Home," for more information on energy-efficient systems called Mini Splits.

Hint 5. Make sure your contractor is insured and licensed! Phoenix law regulates the construction industry heavily, so don't be caught unaware โ€“ there's very little a handyman can do without a license from a contractor, apart from minor aesthetic upgrades and repairs. Even changing your front door or painting your home requires a license and if it is not followed there are heavy fines and penalties. If in doubt, please visit your local municipality to get all the information before your renovation begins.

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