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New Showers Phoenix 

Your shower is the centerpiece of your bathroom and a huge part of your daily life. Without one, your ability to stay clean and relax in a nice warm shower are seriously compromised. That’s why 1 Day Bath Arizona provides fast, high-quality new showers in Phoenix! In as little as one day, we can completely upgrade the look, usability, and comfort of your Phoenix shower

Take a look at these red flags that you need a new shower: 

  • It’s outdated: Styles come and go, and showers are no exception. Tiles or designs that were popular ten or twenty years ago might be an eyesore to your contemporary eye. If your shower is outdated or no longer matches the rest of your bathroom, then it’s time for a fresh, exciting new shower. 
  • It’s unhygienic: Showers are exposed to water and moisture every single day. Over time, mold and mildew can set it. And once they settle in, they can be extremely persistent and hard to get rid of. In that case, a new shower is the best remedy to restore cleanliness and safety.
  • It’s hard to use: Over time, hardware like showerheads, drains, and shower door hinges can wear out. This makes basic tasks like showering much more difficult, leading to frustration and leaks. 

Do any of these signs sound familiar? Our Phoenix bathroom remodelers are ready to help you pick out and install your new shower. As new shower experts, they’ll listen to all of your needs and suggestions, and ultimately incorporate them into your new shower design. We’re excited to help you with your custom new shower! 

Your Go-To New Shower Installers in Phoenix 

When you’re ready for an upgraded new shower, you can’t entrust your remodeling project to just any shower installers in Phoenix. 1 Day Bath Arizona uses state-of-the-art shower installation techniques and long-lasting materials. When you work with us, you can look forward to a precise installation and comfort that lasts for years. 

We offer free estimates for new showers in Phoenix. Call us today to get an honest price quote or reach out online! 

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